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Freer, TX, RV Park

Tilden San Antonio RV Park in Freer, TX

Experience Texas Various Vibes

Tilden San Antonio RV Park in Freer, TX

Freer , is a starkly beautiful town set in the serene landscape of south Texas. Its vast and peaceful landscape welcomes all who wish to embark on an outdoor adventure. Freer offers ideal locations for hiking, fishing, boating, and hunting. If you are looking for entertainment, the city has many exciting adventures. The town is quiet and full of families, making Freer a perfect place to escape.

Finding the right RV park doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. When you visit our campground, you will find a simple solution to easy RVing. For those who are looking for a different kind of vacation that allows you to travel without stress and discover true relaxation, Tilden San Antonio RV Park has what you’re looking for. Our park is close to Freer so you can unwind from daily life.

Our Ideal Campground Amenities

At our Freer, TX, campground, we provide ideal amenities that make your trip much more manageable. We understand the need for RV parks willing to provide actual amenities that help visitors have a comfortable stay. Our amenities include:

Wifi Available
On-site laundry facility
Clean bathroom and shower facilities
Close to the beautiful town of Freer, Texas
Close to many outdoor activities
30/50 amp hookups
71 expansive lots for easy parking and privacy 
Friendly and helpful staff
Pet friendly
Close to many exciting towns like San Antonio
No vicious dog rule for happy pets

At our camping ground, we go above and beyond to ensure every guest and long-term RVer has everything they need to enjoy our amazing RV park.

Explore San Antonio, Texas

If the small-town vibe isn’t what you’re looking for, Tilden San Antonio RV Park is just a short drive from San Antonio. San Antonio has a little something for everyone, with its eccentric feel and unique restaurants, sites, and museums. San Antonio would make a perfect day trip or weekend getaway for everyone.

About Tilden San Antonio RV Park

Tilden San Antonio RV Park offers the ideal place to find relaxation and enjoyment for everyone who visits. Our Freer campground is the perfect mix of rural and modern, so you can feel like you’re escaping while having the comfort of high-end amenities. Our staff provides work to keep the campground clean and safe, so you can relax without worry. We have a pristine laundry facility, beautiful campsites, and outstanding hookups.

At Tilden San Antonio RV Park, you can expect the absolute best experience, whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or relocating. Our goal is to help every visitor and long-term guest have the best RV camping experience. When you visit our campground, you will find the best RV park in Freer, Texas.

Things To Do

We know that when you’re RVing, the most exciting aspect is exploring the surrounding area. Freer, Texas, is a beautiful country town that welcomes every guest who stops by. There are many fun and exciting activities in the town, and everyone can find their own adventure when visiting Tilden, TX RV Park.

South Texas Distillery, Wild Rag Vodka

If you are looking for a fun experience by yourself or with a significant other, South Texas Distillery has everything you’re looking for. You can book a tasting, explore the distillery, and see how the vodka is made. Its rustic, southern charm and friendly staff leave everyone feeling warm and welcome.

Choke Canyon State Park

For a fun day in the Texas countryside, Choke Canyon State Park, offers the ideal outdoor experience you’re looking for. Choke Canyon State Park has fishing, boating, hiking, and camping sites. You can bring your whole family for a wild day of exploration, adventure, and excitement when you visit the park.

South Texas Market Days

South Texas Market Days is a beautiful time that occurs every summer. Vendors bring in outstanding items, from homemade preserves to fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s a lovely time to walk around, meet friendly faces, and experience true Southern charm. You can visit during the summer months when the weather is warm, and the market is fresh.

Lake Corpus Christi State Park

If you want to take a small trip for a larger outdoor exploration, Lake Corpus Christi State Park is a perfect location. There are various nature trails, boating options, and fishing sites. You can also choose to stay the night in one of their campsites or take a paddle trip through the beautiful water. It’s a perfect place to take them to family or create a solo adventure.

Liberty Cafe

In the heart of Freer, Texas, is Liberty Cafe, a Southern restaurant that embodies Southern cuisine. There is something on the menu for the entire family to enjoy, and the rustic kitchen often feels like home. If you are looking for a traditional, southern dining experience, Liberty Cafe has what you’re looking for.

Our Campground Rates

At Tilden TX RV Park, we offer outstanding rates for those looking for a quick getaway, a week-long trip, or a new place to call home. Housing rates are less than ideal, and the cost of affordable living only seems to be increasing. At our Freer, TX campground, you will find rates that let you save money while experiencing the beautiful atmosphere. Our rates include:

$30 /Per Night

$120 /Per Week

$360 /Per Month

These rates allow for affordable housing while maintaining the integrity of a lovely campground.

Why Visit Tilden TX RV Park?

At Tilden TX RV Park, you can expect the best experience, service, and campground during your stay. If you are searching for a unique RVing experience that allows you to relax and feel comfortable, we have just the right accommodations for you and your family.

The Best RV Park In Freer, Texas

Our Freer, TX campground offers the perfect escape, experiences, and exploration for wandering souls. Whether you are working towards a new life or wanting to relax from the busy day-to-day, you can find everything you need at Tilden TX RV Park. With an outstanding staff and perfect amenities, we offer the best RV park in Freer, Texas.


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