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Corpus Christi, TX, RV Park

Corpus Christi is a tropical town found along the state border. With beautiful beaches, stunning resort adventures, and an island atmosphere, Corpus Christi is ideal for a lovely vacation. You can bring your family, friends, or partner on a beachside getaway and find unique exploration or perfect relaxation under the Texas sun. No matter your plans, Corpus Christi has a little something for everyone.

RVing is one of the most popular forms of vacationing, as it allows for total freedom in your trip and staying in places for longer periods. However, finding an RV park that keeps your vacation spirit alive can feel like an almost impossible task. Tilden TX RV Park is one of the leading campgrounds for those who want to explore Corpus Christi. With incredible amenities, ideal location, and stunning scenery, Tilden RV Park is the perfect place for a beachside escape.

Tilden TV Park Amenities

Our Corpus Christi, TX, campground has many incredible amenities for those needing a true vacation. We aim to create the perfect place for our guests to relax and enjoy the nearby beach town. We have created the ideal experience for everyone who comes to visit us. Our amenities include:

Free WiFi
Pristine, on-site laundry facility
Clean bathroom and shower facilities
Beautiful, serene location
Close to nature adventures like hiking, fishing, and boating
Full RV hookups for 30/50 amp
71 expansive, level lots
Helpful, dedicated staff
Pet friendly
Close to the beautiful beach town of Corpus Christi
No vicious dog rule

These amenities are perfect for the ideal vacation at our camping ground near Corpus Christi, TX. We know at our park, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your vacation without worry.

Explore San Antonio, Texas

If you wish to venture to a larger, more eccentric town, San Antonio lies only two hours north of Corpus Christi. San Antonio provides the perfect adventure for those looking to explore the heart of Texas. Whether you want to visit the famous Riverwalk, uncover the beauty in the city, or discover the surrounding nature, San Antonio is full of beautiful places for whatever you need. It’s a stunning city with various fun options, making for the perfect day trip for any family.

About Tilden, TX, RV Park

Our Corpus Christi, TX, campground is a stunning campground designed with comfort, affordability, and location in mind. With outstanding amenities, luscious scenery, and an ideal proximity to Corpus Christi, we provide the perfect solution for an RV destination vacation. Whether you need to escape the constant noise of a daily routine, create lasting memories with your loved ones, or find a new, exciting adventure, our campground is the right place for you.

Things To Do in Corpus Christi, TX

There are many incredible things to discover when you visit Corpus Christi, Texas. Between the beach and idealistic resort city, Corpus Christi is the perfect place to find the exact getaway you need. You can find beautiful scenery, exquisite restaurants, and exciting attractions around every corner.

Corpus Christi Beach is named for the beautiful, soft white sand that touches its shores. It’s a beautiful place for exploration or relaxing by the beautiful water. There are shower facilities, a lifeguard station, and a wide-open beach available for you to explore. Corpus Christi Beach is the perfect for a family trip, hanging with your friends, or exploring all on your own. You can spend a day on the stunning beach and find true serenity by its shore.

If you are looking for a delicious dinner that offers a beautiful experience, Doc’s Seafood & Steaks is what you are looking for. This outstanding restaurant overlooks the ocean and sits along the Corpus Christi shores. You can enjoy their incredible menu and relax with a drink, all in view of the beautiful water. It’s the perfect place for a romantic date night or a lovely family dinner. It’s a fun and lively environment that provides entertainment for everyone.

Padre Island National Seashore is one of the more popular beaches in Corpus Christi. With a vast array of wildlife, beautiful beaches, and close proximity to the city, Padre Island National Seashore is a great way to spend the day. You can relax under the sun, observe the beautiful wildlife that occupies the area, swim in the warm water, or go fishing on the open sea.

The Marina Arts District is a vast district in downtown Corpus Christi. There are over six beautiful art museums and galleries for you to explore. You can walk through the beautiful district and explore historical art as well as newer pieces by local artists. Much of the art reflects the stunning surrounding scenery. If you are looking for beautiful art, The Marina Arts District is the perfect spot for you.

Harrison’s Landing offers shopping, dining, and exploration all in one area. You can tour the beachside escape, shop in the nearby vintage boutiques, or eat at Harrison’s Landing, its bar floating out over the water.

At our Corpus Christi, TX, campground, you will find affordable, comfortable rates to help create the perfect getaway for you and your family. Our goal is to create a sustainable way to travel or even begin a new life near the beautiful city of Corpus Christi. That’s why we have made our rates affordable, no matter what your plans entail. Our rates include:

$30 /Per Night

$120 /Per Week

$360 /Per Month

Why Visit Tilden, TX, RV Park?

When you visit Tidlen, TX, RV Park, you’ll find an incredible campground, comfortable amenities, and helpful staff who create the best experience for every guest. You can relax, unwind, and find your ideal getaway at our campground. Whether you’re looking for a beachside vacation or want to explore the surrounding nature, Tilden, TX, RV Park offers everything you need.

The Best RV Park In Corpus Christi, Texas

Tilden, TX, RV Park is the leading RV park in Corpus Christi, due to the amenities, location, and staff. We provide the best RV experience; whether you want a destination vacation or a fresh start, our campgrounds have everything you need.


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